Office 365 Enterprise Pro Plus (Yearly)

Office 365 Enterprise Pro Plus (Yearly)



Most people are aware of how traditional Office suites work: you purchase a single copy either on DVD or through download, you install it on one device, and it stays there forever. While this has the advantage of permanence, it is also very limiting. If you have multiple devices, you need multiple copies of Office, and there are only a few versions to choose from.
Office 365 solves these and many other problems. For a small annual fee, you can install Office on multiple devices and choose from far more options so that you always get the suite that is right for you. Each suite has more programs than traditional versions of Office and also comes with 1 TB of cloud space through OneDrive. Finally, Office 365 subscriptions allow you to upgrade to the latest version of Office as soon as it is released for free.

For those whose chief business concern is providing their whole company with access to the right programs not just at work but whenever they need them, Pro Plus is a power tool. It can give every employee word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, business email, and so much more on all their personal and professional devices. With 1 TB of OneDrive space available for each user, that means all work can be done absolutely anywhere.

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