Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Product Keycard License

Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Product Keycard License




  • The Backstage Section is the spot where you can manage every aspect of the files you create and the way you create them. This is where you save, share or print your completed documents. This is also the place where you can adjust the settings, create custom ribbons, as well as inspecting the files for hidden metadata and check their editing history.
  • The New Tools. All apps in the pack come equipped with a variety of new and updated tools, developed with the latest business need in mind. The picture-editing tools in the apps are improved, giving you more options in order to create the perfect end result.
  • The Accessibility. You can wave goodbye to all the extra hard drives because Microsoft OneDrive allows you to store your files online and access them anytime. You can upload them straight from the Backstage section and share them with your co-workers or partners.


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