Microsoft Office 2010 Home and Business

Microsoft Office 2010 Home and Business


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  • Word 2010 is Optimized for Efficiency – Wasting time is a foreign concept in the 2010 version of one of the most powerful text editors on the market. The developers of Word 2010 have thought of everything and provided you with ready to use templates, an array of font options, nifty text-editing tools as well as advanced tools for editing images. You can even take screenshots without leaving the app and customize your projects with from the multitude of SmartArt graphics.
  • Access 2010 – Professional Results with Minimal Effort – Managing data can be difficult and confusing, but with Access 2010 you won’t need a professional to do your work for you anymore! The app comes loaded up with a set of templates, user-friendly interface and enhanced Conditional Formatting tools. You can also easily share your databases on the web with the option “save and publish”.
  • PowerPoint 2010 – Present Your Ideas With Style – PowerPoint 2010 is the ultimate tool to create stunning slide presentations with tools designed to help you enhance your ideas and give them the perfect shape and look. With this new version you can embed videos into your presentations and use PowerPoint’s integrated video- and image-editing tools to perfect your presentation. The new Broadcast Slide Show feature lets you broadcast your presentation online – perfect for easy access and saving time!

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